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Mon, Apr. 12th, 2004, 10:09 am
jenny_evergreen: Removal of a secondary truth

It has been pointed out in this discussion that the following truth is pretty culturally specific, really.

"Be very careful about sex with friends. It can change everything, forever, and not always for the good."

There are, as whatifoundthere points out, many cultures to which this would make little to no sense.
Are there any objections to removing it? I note that I'm not sure how spiritually relevant it is myself.

Wed, Apr. 7th, 2004, 07:43 am
jenny_evergreen: It's the principle of the thing.

As seen most recently in darthgeek.

A group of racists have googlebombed the net to the point where the top link for Jew on Google leads to a hate-filled page o' spew. This post is part of a counterbomb.

Wikipedia's entry for "Jew"
Jews are wonderful people.
Albert Einstein was a Jew

Remember, Google ranks by popularity.

Tue, Apr. 6th, 2004, 06:40 pm
jenny_evergreen: Shorts

We are not tools, created to accomplish some task. Instead, we are seeds, cast to the winds, each to bloom in the way that we bloom. The shape of what we are is not known in advance, but discovered by the journey of life. We are one potential and all potential. We are our intention.

The Mother and Father are both metaphor and reality. In a factual sense, there was a Mother and Father, the parents of the first homo sapiens. Any power their spirits have is given by those of us who believe their spirits have power. This does not make that power less real. The Infinite is beyond comprehension, it is natural to seek a familiar path to connect with it. For many, the Mother and Father are representations of the Infinite, personifications that are treated, with no lack of consistency, as real entities. Does love exist because we feel it or do we feel love because it exists? It is probable that both are true. So it is true that the Mother and Father have power beyond us and of us, that they exist and do not exist.

Thu, Apr. 1st, 2004, 04:02 pm
jenny_evergreen: Guide Content - When I

I've set up the three Guide files: Poetry, Shorts, and Essays.
This has been sitting around on my hard drive for a while, and will go (after input) in Shorts.

When I am one with the Infinite, I feel thrumming through me the love so vast that no one being could contain it, uniting me with all things in its power and wonder.
When I speak to the Father, I feel his comforting warmth surrounding me, am gifted with his steady shoulder to rest upon and take strength from.
When I speak to the Mother, I feel her astonishing wisdom aiding me. I am in awe of her encompassing understanding.
When I think of the Children, I am filled with the joy of life and the spirit of generosity.

I had an excellent conversation via email from which there will come a few more things, although I need to take the time to put them in presentable form. I've just been busy lately.

Tue, Mar. 23rd, 2004, 07:58 am
jenny_evergreen: Guide Content

Sent to me via email and submitted for your feedback:

See the mighty roiling ocean:
Twist of currents, roar of waves.

Above there lies the surface realm,
Shallow waters, with light suffused,
Whipped by wind and churned by rain,
Moved from beneath, from icy depths.
Changing, whirling, tossed about
By things below and things above,
Yet hiding that which lies beneath.

Below there lie the icy depths.
Vast and wide and dark as night,
Slow and serene its currents flow.
It roams the world with ageless turning,
Naught but land to block its path;
Carrying on its broad dark back
Those waters that serve as mask and shell.

Yet can you see what runs beneath
From the waves that crash above?
Divine the currents' own true path
Through what is wreaked by roguish winds?

And can you see in movements deep
The permutations of countless waves?
Foretell from ocean's quiet roots
The jagged peaks of storm-tossed seas?

Can you see, in sagest wisdom,
Where one begins, and the other ends?

Additionally, this is something I intended to contribute, but had forgotten about:
When entering a place, take neither the best seat nor the worst, but that seat which is most available to you.

Feedback on both or either is appreciated. :)

P.S. Belated Happy Aurora! ;)

Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 10:10 am
jenny_evergreen: Name and Guide and Contact

It has been pointed out to me that it would help if the faith had a catchier name. At this point, the original ideas have been pretty fully fleshed out. All else comes from what it already here (although we are always open to change.) The book is to be called the Manual, consisting of two major sections: the Truths and the Guide. (One might consider it this way: The Manual is the hand of the faith, that reaches out. The Truths are the head and the Guide is the heart.)
The Guide is intended to fulfill another area of deficit that has been pointed out; specifically, the area of passion, beauty, emotion. It will give more depth and shape to the relatively spare truths. But the solid core of the faith is here now. So, what should it be called? How should it be referred to?

The other major task is to write the guide. Writings for the guide can be anything from essays to poems. They can be strictly rational or strictly emotional or anything in between. All contributions will be considered anonymous and you definitely do not need to be a member of or even considering the faith. Taking a truth about which you have strong feelings and writing about it is encouraged. If you don't want to post it in a comment, you can email it to truthfaith at earthlink dot net. I check that email frequently. Anything sent there will be considered something I can post here for discussion (as well as use in the book) without naming the author, unless otherwise specified.

If you had any doubts that I was open to even major changes, I hope that the recent changes have eliminated those doubts. :)

Mon, Jan. 26th, 2004, 07:49 am
jenny_evergreen: Another suffering truth...

I've rephrased something nitemirror said to make it something we can put in the truths. What do you think?

Suffering may be a lesson in learning how to not let it last. The exact method needs to be found each time one experiences suffering.

Also, if you have time, feel free to go through the truths and see if there's something you'd like to expand upon for Guide content. :)

Fri, Jan. 16th, 2004, 03:02 pm
jenny_evergreen: Some editing and a new truth

I've worked on the phrasing of a couple of truths. The new versions:
We must not forget the in-between. There is night and day, and it is easy to think that there is only night and day. But there are two other times, one when it is not yet day, but not still night, called dawn, and another, when it not yet night, but not still day, called twilight. So, also, is there good and bad, and good which is also bad, and bad which is also good. It is vital to remember this.

Religion doesn't have to be rational, and never is or has been, although just because something is religious does not mean it is not also rational. Religion is faith.

I've decided to remove a truth, for several reasons, but mostly because I feel it's covered by several other truths. The following will be deleted:
Love does not need to be equal if the people involved consent to the inequality.

Finally, there is a new truth to be considered:
Suffering is sometimes a lesson for the sufferer, sometimes a lesson for someone else, and sometimes it is just suffering.

Wed, Jan. 14th, 2004, 01:04 pm
jenny_evergreen: Changes

Okay. I've made some (largely minor) changes to the holidays that haven't been posted about here, but the other changes have all been discussed here.
To see it all in one place, go here.

As always, comments, questions, etc. are welcome.

Wed, Jan. 7th, 2004, 01:31 pm
jenny_evergreen: Liberty Truth

Another of those basic things that got overlooked because it is SO basic:

Responsible personal liberty is essential to all beings.

Suggestions for rephrases or additional truths on this theme are welcome.

Don't forget to check comments on the last post, as at least one fairly large change has been made there.

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