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Tue, Apr. 13th, 2004, 05:08 pm
jenny_evergreen: Guide Content: A short essay

The Mother, Father, and Children: Fact and Metaphor

Somewhere in the mists of time, the evidence of our senses and our skills tells us that there must have been beings that were fundamentally not like us that gave birth to beings that were. We know nothing more of them than that they logically must have existed.
Those that gave birth we call The Parents, those that were born we call The Children.
By what mechanism this tremendous change occurred is unknown. The unknown is always a source of wonder, awe, and fear, in varying degrees. Clearly there is nothing to fear from beings so benevolent as to ensure that the strange beings they birthed survived, nor the innocent, bewildered new beings like ourselves that took the first steps of our species. However, it is quite easy to hold them in a certain amount of wonder and awe. They died so long ago that the dust of their bones seems as distant as the center of the universe and as close. The power of the mystery and wonder of their existence lends itself to using them as metaphors for the sum of ourselves as aspects of the Infinite, and by using them as that metaphor, we create them as entities.
For those who chose to use the metaphor, who choose to impart to the Mother, Father, and Children powers they never had in life, these beings become a way to connect to the incomprehensible Infinite. Reality is very subjective. Whether these spirits exist outside of our belief in them is something we cannot know. We choose to believe in them, and that belief gives them a kind of reality. If one prays to the Mother and Father and finds comfort, and honors that debt by praying for the Children, it doesn't matter that the Mother and Father and Children are all metaphors for the reality of the Infinite. The power lies in the person who prayed as well as in the Infinite, for it is us and we are it.
Treating the Mother, Father, and Children as though they were real, conscious entities is a way to tap in to the power of ourselves and the Infinite. It is a way to go without ourselves, when we can never truly be separate from the Infinite. Sometimes, we want to feel separate. We feel ourselves powerless or lost. We lose faith in ourselves. To remember in those times that we are as powerful as the Infinite is difficult. Taking an outside path to the Infinite, finding it the hard way through these beings that are the sum of ourselves, is sometimes far more convincing or far simpler than trying to connect to the Infinite from within. In addition, travel within can only be done alone. When we gather together, spiritually as physically, we are stronger. When we travel the same path, using the Mother and Father as our guides so that none get lost or left behind, great wonders can be achieved. They truly are the sum of ourselves.

As always, your input is sought.