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Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005, 07:37 pm
starry_night_53: hey

i think what u hav written is absolutly beautiful, it really says exactly how i feel! thank you for helping find someone else who thinks like me! lol, well i hope u dont shut down the community. luv jodz

Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004, 12:24 pm
jenny_evergreen: Not happenin'.

So, this hasn't worked out. I'm okay with that. The community is being left up until I find a way to copy its contents that won't take me a week and a half.
Thanks to those of you that participated.

Mon, Sep. 20th, 2004, 01:42 pm
jenny_evergreen: FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES to the faith

Comments? Opinions? Objections? Additions? Subtractions?

The Fundamental Truths

We believe in the Rule: Do the least harm to all. Do the most good for all. This is the most important thing.

We believe in the Infinite, which is not one being, but which is all beings and no being. The Infinite is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, that which is both within and without all things. The Infinite is that from which we come and to which we return, but from which we are never truly parted. The Infinite is the essence. It is the great sea into which all rivers flow and from which all comes. The many are one, the one is many.

We believe in Truth. We must pursue truth as best we can. Only together may we know it, no one being knows all. We must be honest within and with ourselves. It is good to be honest with others, so long as we do not use that honesty to be unkind.

We believe in Balance.
We trust in the Infinite to balance the universe, for it is only balancing itself. One should be balanced within oneself. This balance should be dynamic rather than static, for no one is without change, extremism should only appear temporarily and should be watched carefully for negative effects on the self and others. Though there are many crests and valleys in the ocean, in the end, it is balanced.

We believe in Life.
No life is without value and no life is fundamentally evil. All beings have the right to determine the path of their own lives, keeping in mind that no being is without connection to others, whose paths must also be respected.

We believe in Love..
Loving and being loved are vital to all beings. Because of this, we should bring goodwill to all others in the hope that it will be returned.

We believe in the Pursuit of Giving.
It is spiritually expanding to seek to discover what one is able to give and to give freely and happily, of one's own will and truth.

We believe in Fear.
Fear, while a necessary part of existence, is also the cause of most of the horrors of humanity. It must be managed particularly carefully and examined particularly closely. Fear of the different and/or unknown is the most dangerous kind of fear. Caution is wise.

Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004, 09:27 am
jenny_evergreen: Major Edit Coming

I am on the verge of making huge, fundamental changes. This is your opportunity to tell me what you think should be changed and what you think shouldn't be changed. Your opinion matters!

Wed, Sep. 1st, 2004, 10:36 am
jenny_evergreen: Pulling in the shingle...Or not.

Much to my disappointment, this idea hasn't taken off well at all.
On September fifth, the www.truthfaith.org url will expire. I've been unable to come up with a new name for the faith, and have been unable to raise much interest in working on the faith. I don't want to leave this to languish, so I'm planning on closing down.
I'll probably leave the site up for a few more weeks, because I did have one "iron in the fire" as it were, but that's about it.

And so I posted this and then I went wandering the net.
And I found a name that isn't taken and will do.
But...I need to know...what is missing from this faith? Why, exactly, does it fail to draw you, yes, each individual you who is reading this? Don't worry about what you think I think. Tell me what YOU think, what YOU feel, tell me what is missing or what is there that alienates you/feels wrong/etc.


Thu, Jul. 22nd, 2004, 09:54 am
jenny_evergreen: What's in a name?

In September, the www.truthfaith.org address will expire.
By then, I would like rename the faith. It has changed and developed quite a lot in the past year, and I think that there must be a more apt name for it. Unfortunately, I'm pretty stumped on what that is. So, I'm asking for your suggestions and opinions. What should this religion be called? How should it present itself to the world? What is the term (not already in use, as that would confuse) that most accurately conveys all that this faith is and does not portray it as something it is not?
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :)

Thu, Jun. 24th, 2004, 07:35 am
jenny_evergreen: Guide: A Conversation

Thanks to the original author of this for letting me make a couple of changes and letting it be used in the Guide. Your input, as always, is sought and appreciated!

Conversation with The Infinite:

Me - I'm scared.

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - Yeah, but I'm afraid and nervous. How can you say that everything is going to be all right? What if things get screwed up?

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - Yeah, you told me that already. Are you saying that even if something bad happens, even if my worst fears are realized that somehow, for some reason, if you have faith in the general goodness of the universe then things will find a way of working out?

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - But what if something bad happens? How can this bad thing be considered "all right"?

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - So you're saying that even if bad things happen, and they are painful, over time, we gain wisdom, insight, and experience, and when enough time has passed, and we look back on things, realize that we probably couldn't have it any other way, and couldn't conceive of our life if these things didn't happen the way they did?

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - So for example, if someone endures a painful breakup with a loved one. That person may be lost for awhile and hurting, but over time finds another person whom she loves even more and who loves her even more than in her wildest dreams?

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - And if someone endures a loss of another kind, though it may be painful, she realizes that, over time, if things hadn't worked out the way they did, then she wouldn't have what she now has and values beyond price.

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - And so even in death, the universe has something to teach us. People and events touch our lives in ways we cannot fathom. Grief will pass, and if you have faith in the overall goodness of the universe, things will find a way of working out. Even if they weren't the way you originally hoped or envisioned them to be.

The Infinite: Everything's going to be all right.

Me - Everything's going to be all right. (smile)

Mon, Jun. 21st, 2004, 08:06 am
jenny_evergreen: Happy One Day!

As a gift, here is information about the analemma. I was unaware of the analemma, and was delighted and moved to learn of it after starting Truth Faith using the infinity symbol, to know that there is more to that symbol than I knew.
For me, it was a sign that I was on the right track. :)

Wed, Jun. 9th, 2004, 04:35 pm
jenny_evergreen: Guide Content - Mother and Father, NSEWI

With thanks to the original author. :) Comments, suggestions, and so on are sought and welcomed as always!

Looking eastward, we see the Mother and Father as children. Everything in the world is new to them, so their greatest drive is learning - learning as much information as possible, learning skills, learning how to think and reason.

Looking southward, we see the Mother and Father as teenagers. They are driven by passion, whether it is the passion of their newly awakening sexuality, or the passion for causes and ideals.

Looking westward, we see the Mother and Father as adults. They are parents or teachers or mentors or other similar figures. Their function is nurturing, promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of those in their care.

Looking northward, we see the Mother and Father as elders. They are the holders of wisdom. Wisdom comes from knowledge, experience, and perspective, and includes knowing when to speak out and when to keep silent.

Looking inward, we see the Mother and Father as ourselves. Whatever age we are, whatever our individual place on the path, we are our own Mother and Father. They wear our faces...and we wear theirs.

Tue, Apr. 13th, 2004, 05:08 pm
jenny_evergreen: Guide Content: A short essay

The Mother, Father, and Children: Fact and Metaphor
Read more...Collapse )

As always, your input is sought.

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